Thanks to the Rural Electrification Act, farmers and ranchers took it upon themselves to create their own member-owned utilities called cooperatives.  This can-do spirit combined with the mission of giving back to the community is why electric cooperatives sponsor local students in a variety of opportunities to give back to our youth.  Ninnescah will be awarding 4 – $1000 scholarships.

How to Apply

Our scholarships are open to any high school students currently in their junior or senior year whose parents or guardian has electric service with Ninnescah and are enrolled in a high school serving or substantially serving the same area as Ninnescah Rural Electric Cooperative.  The program is also open to students living on Ninnescah’s service, even if the membership is not in their parent or guardian’s name.  Beginning in December, students may pick up a Parent-student release (Application) from our office, website, school counselor or 4-H leader.  Applications are to be returned to Ninnescah’s office by Monday, January 29, 2024.

Once applications have been submitted and reviewed, students will receive a packet of information which will contain a Personal Information Sheet to be returned in order to participate in the competition as well as material to study for the quiz.  The quiz and interview will take place at Ninnescah’s office on February 28, 2024.  Don’t let the idea of a quiz or interview scare you!  Just think of it as a job interview and know that this experience is great practice for the future.

The judges will select 4 winners, each being awarded $1000 to the school of their choice.  Winners will be announced at our Annual Meeting on March 19, 2024.

If you have any questions about the application process, feel free to contact Nancy Aschenbrenner, Ninnescah’s Scholarship Coordinator.

Scholarships 2024

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